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John Babylon

John Babylon was born and raised in Corning, NY and attended seminary at Pensacola Christian College in Florida. He moved to Covington in 2010 with his wife and infant son. Since then, they have added two children to the family, and have grown deep roots in the Newton county area. An avid reader and amateur writer, John has enjoyed getting to know the community better by putting his writing skills to work showcasing the people who make up the vibrant culture here in Newton County.

Simple Life

Homesteaders John and Laurie Hines have freed themselves from some of the cares and concerns associated with a plug-and-play world that seems to grow more chaotic by the day, choosing

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Warm Embrace

The Spirit of Covington project sought to not only organize the city’s resources to tackle the unhoused situation but to focus and unleash the power of charity and generosity of

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Servant’s Heart

Loy Summers’ tireless work with the Covington Garden Club spans 14 presidencies, from Harry Truman to Joe Biden. The legacy of beautification she began back in 1952 will echo into

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