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Hello, I’m Wyatt Tredeau. As an aspiring publisher, I’m writing this for my parents (Scott and Meredith, who I’m sure you’re probably aware of if you’re reading this). I have a little challenge for you. Think about a problem you had today and how you handled it. Are you happy with the way you handled it, or do you think you could have handled it better? 

For example, let’s say you were on your way to work this morning and decided you were craving coffee. You were wearing that perfect, spectacular, crisp white T-shirt you bought from the Kohl’s clearance section last Friday to match your spotless Levi’s jeans. When you got to the coffee shop, you ordered yourself the traditional hot coffee with half-and-half and two or three packs of sugar, and you even decided to get a smiley face design drawn on the top to match your mood. When you strapped into your driver’s seat, you realized you were late for work and started rushing as fast as your Toyota Corolla could go. You were going so fast, in fact, that when you went to take your first sip of that tasty liquid gold, a Niagara Falls of coffee spilled right down the middle of your new shirt. I can see the look of terror and disgust that would have been on your face right then, and honestly, I can’t blame you. I imagine you might have yelled, stomped your feet or possibly even started to fill up that big ol’ tank of tears hidden behind your eyes as you thought to yourself, “Why me?” 

Would your ruined shirt have ruined your whole day? I hope not. Hopefully, you thought to yourself, “Oh well, it’s nothing a little OxiClean can’t handle,” and continued on your way. Try to think about these two options next time an anger-inducing problem comes upon you.

Thank you,
Wyatt Tredeau

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