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We love to-do lists. Well, not the lists themselves but checking things off of them. Have you ever added something to your list that has already been done just so you could check it off? We certainly have.

Lately, it seems like the to-do lists just grow bigger every day as we desperately try to get them under control. There is so much to keep track of, stuff to do, things to buy and appointments to make; and that’s just the stuff on the list. Then there are the friends with whom we need to catch up, the pile of books on the nightstand and the shows about which everyone raves (we’ll probably never get around to watching them). We find ourselves thinking about all the things we should be doing, instead of what we’re actually doing at the moment. 

Now that it’s summer and the kids are home during the day, it’s even harder to stay focused on the present with all the competing priorities. Let’s face it. Before we know it, they’ll be heading off to college. The present is really the only moment we have for certain, so this summer, we’re trying our best to soak up every last one of these precious times with our kids. When our youngest asks at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, “Do you guys want to play Monopoly?” We say, “Yes. Yes, we do.” We can’t freeze time, but we can try to memorize the way their faces look smooshed in goggles or the way they laugh when they play together. When the kids ask for five more minutes of whatever it is, let’s say yes. Doing the dishes and responding to emails can wait. 

May the Lord bless and keep you.
Scott and Meredith Tredeau

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