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Darrell Huckaby

A Mellower Old Man Winter

The cold season in the North Georgia Piedmont seems to have grown less harsh over the years, largely leaving behind a time when flapless ears froze, pipes burst and Guy

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Scout’s Honor

Bert Adams Scout Camp relocated to Newton County in 1960, and for six decades, it has stood out as one of the community’s crown jewels. by Darrell Huckaby It was

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A Season Unlike Any Other

The Newton County Fair was a once-a-year staple of the childhood experience, announcing the arrival of autumn with the promise of thrill rides, cotton candy and the other man’s game.

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Porterdale Hotel

Once the Center of Georgia’s Culinary Universe. by Darrell Huckaby In the 1950s and into the 1960s, Mrs. Effie Boyd served up some of the best Southern cooking this side of

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The Aldridges Gold Standard

The contributions Jerry and Lee Aldridge have made to their community can be quantified not in achievements or accolades but in the countless lives they have impacted through decades of selfless service.

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Glory Days in Blue and White

Imagine ‘Hoosiers’ in a town about 20 times the size of Hickory, Indiana, and stretch it out over about a 17-year period. That was the Newton County boys’ basketball team under legendary coach Ronald M. Bradley.

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