Kanikka Lewin showcases her boundless creativity through intricate wood and acrylic art pieces. Her journey from humble beginnings to overcoming self-doubt illuminates the power of passion, perseverance and unwavering support.

by Avril Occilien-Similien

Kanikka Lewin is a laser artist extraordinaire whose journey from The Buckeye State to the world of wood and acrylic artistry is as inspiring as it is captivating. At 33 years old, she is more than just a small-business owner. She is a devoted wife, a loving mother of three and a beacon of creativity in her community. 

Lewin’s story begins far from the warm Georgia sun, in the vibrant city of Dayton, Ohio, where she spent her formative years surrounded by the sights and sounds of a bustling metropolis. Growing up, Lewin never considered herself particularly artistic, but she had an undeniable passion for all things handmade and creative. It was this passion that would eventually lead her down the path to laser artistry. 

The year 2020 brought unexpected challenges for Lewin and her family, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced both her and her husband to work from home. The constant close proximity resulted in tension within their marriage, prompting Lewin to seek a creative outlet for her emotions. During this tumultuous time, she discovered the world of laser artistry, and she has not looked back since. 

“Keep going, don’t give up on yourself and believe in your dreams.”

Kanikka Lewin

Starting with a humble Cricut machine, Lewin began experimenting with unique designs, each a testament to her rapidly increasing creativity. However, it was not until she stumbled upon laser crafting that her true passion was ignited. Entranced by the precision and versatility of laser technology, Lewin dove headfirst into creating intricate pieces that defied convention and sparked the imagination. From purses and wall art to even birthday cakes, Lewin’s creations knew no bounds. With wood and acrylic as her canvas and a trusty laser machine as her brush, she transformed ordinary materials into works of art that captivated the eye and stirred the soul. Behind every masterpiece lay countless hours of hard work, dedication and unwavering determination. 

Joining laser artist groups on Facebook provided Lewin with the support and expertise she needed to take her craft to the next level. With the encouragement of her newfound community, she upgraded to a full desktop laser machine, enabling her to meet customer requests more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Even so, running a small business was not without its challenges, and Lewin has faced her fair share of them. From finding a suitable space in her home to learning the intricacies of the machine itself, she encountered obstacles at every turn. Overcoming self-doubt and learning to trust her instincts proved to be her biggest hurdles. 

Through it all, Lewin credits her husband as her rock, biggest cheerleader and unwavering support system. His encouragement and understanding have allowed her the time and space to pursue her passion, ensuring she has the freedom to create amidst the chaos of family life. When asked about the source of her inspiration, Lewin credits her surroundings, nature, fellow artists and even online images. Her creations have garnered attention at monthly pop-up events and among random strangers who stumble upon her work and fall in love with its uniqueness. Her growing online presence has also contributed to her success as she showcases her artwork through her Instagram page at @nikkskustomline.nkl. 

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As Lewin continues to blaze a trail in the world of laser artistry, one thing seems certain: the future looks bright for this remarkable woman and her boundless imagination. With discipline, consistency and a healthy dose of confidence, her journey proves that anything is possible.

As Lewin continues to focus on her craft, her story serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance and the unwavering support of loved ones. In the ever-changing landscape of small business, she stands as a beacon of creativity, inspiring others to pursue their dreams while never settling for anything less than the extraordinary. For fellow small-business owners navigating the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship, Lewin offers sage advice: “Keep going, don’t give up on yourself and believe in your dreams.” 

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