The Meat House

Childhood friends Daniel Leinweber and Savannah Holifield came together to create Newton County’s source for local specialty meats.

by Michelle Floyd

When Daniel Leinweber met Savannah Holifield in kindergarten, little did he know that they would one day run a family business together.

Although the two both attended Piedmont Academy in Monticello when they were young, they only started dating during their junior year of high school. Soon after, Leinweber began to work for The Meat House, which had been opened by Savannah’s father, Booker, in the fall of 2012. 

“It was just something I always wanted to do,” Booker said. “I had seen things like it in the Atlanta market, so I thought I would see what I could do here as another source of income.” 

Holifeld Farms had been in business since 1959, so The Meat House was a logical step for expansion. It sells Holifield sausage and a host of other fresh meats and fixings, including beef tenderloins, brisket, sirloins and ribeyes. All meats are freshly ground and cubed in-store or cut to size after being inspected
by the Leinwebers.

“We don’t give anything to customers that we wouldn’t take home ourselves.”

Daniel Leinweber

Daniel, whose father is a musician and a professor at Oxford College, studied business at what was then the Georgia Perimeter College satellite in Social Circle. He worked at The Meat House to help pay the bills and eventually became more interested in the Holifield family business. 

“I started making money and didn’t know what I wanted to do otherwise,” Daniel said, “so Booker let me take the reins.”

Daniel and Savannah married in 2014 and eventually started taking over more of the family business, while Booker continued to run Holifield Farms and Holifield Deer Processing. In August 2022, Daniel purchased The Meat House, which he and Savannah now run with a handful of other employees. 

“He needed it more than I did,” Booker said. “He was running it already, and he had a family to support. He’s done a great job.”

Booker still stops in from time to time to handle maintenance issues, but the Leinwebers run the business when they are not caring for their two children: son Dawson and daughter Marybeth. 

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“It’s been fun,” Daniel said.

Aside from Holifield sausage, The Meat House sells certified Angus beef that is United States farm-raised, U.S. pork that is not enhanced with saltwater brine and all-natural Spring Mountain chicken with no antibiotics. It also offers specialty items like The Meat House Burger, made from fresh ground, pre-seasoned brisket, short rib and sirloin steak. Moreover, customers can find exceptional meats that are difficult to find in grocery stores, like tri-tip steak, Brazilian Picanha and Tomahawk steaks. 

“We don’t give anything to customers that we wouldn’t take home ourselves,” Daniel said. 

For information on The Meat House, located at 10698 Covington Bypass Road, visit or call 678-712-6623.

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