Facing Our Giants

The story of David and Goliath serves as a reminder that God prepares us to confront the obstacles that stand in our way, even those we deem insurmountable.

by Ronnie Thomas

The story of David and Goliath is one of the more familiar stories in the canonized collections of writings we call the Bible. We understand that David faced a literal giant by the name of Goliath of Gath. Some scholars believe he stood around 9-foot-9 and that his armor weighed upwards of 125 pounds. David facing his giant (in the literal sense) gives us encouragement (in the figurative sense) to face obstacles that we deem insurmountable. 

However, when we look at David’s story, we should pay particular attention to what he dealt with before he could even face his giant. He was literally counted out: In the opinion of others, he had no chance to defeat the giant who stood before him. In fact, David was counted out by three groups of people. First, David was counted out by Goliath (this posed no problems for him, as no one depends on his or her opponents for encouragement); second, David was counted out by King Saul; and third, David was counted out by his family, particularly his brothers (this could have been devastating for him, as you expect your family to believe in you). Nevertheless, Davis remained confident. He did not count himself out. 

“Just as He did with David, God has equipped you with the necessary tools for battle. You have what it takes.”

Bethlehem Baptist Church Senior Pastor Ronnie Thomas

Beloved, whatever battles you are currently facing, be reminded that you are not to be counted out. In 1 Samuel 17, David took several steps to prevent himself from being counted out. David considered his past victories, remembering when he fought the bear and the lion in order to protect his father’s sheep. You have to consider your past victories and remember all the difficult situations God has brought you through. David also counted on his present virtues. Essentially, God had already given him everything he needed for the fight: five smooth stones. Just as He did with David, God has equipped you with the necessary tools for battle. You have what it takes. Lastly, David confidently proclaimed victory. He emphatically looked past the size of the giant and declared himself the victor. Why? David knew God was on his side. When God is on your side, the giants in your life have no choice but to fall at your feet. 

Ronnie Thomas is the senior pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Covington. Visit bethlehembaptistcovingtonga.com or call 770-786-8229 to learn more.

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