Mike Brown

Those looking for the affable Covington native on any given day are likely to find him in one of two places: cruising down a highway on his 2010 Streetglide FLHTX Harley-Davidson motorcycle or watching one of his two sons—Caden, a junior at Newton High School, and Justin, a junior at Berea College in Kentucky—play baseball.

by Brian Knapp

Mike Brown, an only child, was born and raised in Covington. A 1993 graduate of Newton High School, he went on to attend Georgia Southern University before returning home to put down roots of his own. Brown met Sonya Reed in high school, though the two never dated. They reconnected through mutual friends a few years later, started a relationship and married on May 5, 2001. “I’m the luckiest person in the world to have her as my wife,” he said. “She amazes me in so many ways. She makes my world go ’round.” Brown works as a sales engineer and account manager for the McNaughton-McKay Electric Company, having been with the company for 25 years. It has offices in Covington, Norcross, Cartersville and LaGrange, along with other branches across the United States and in Germany. “I just walked in and applied one day,” Brown said. “We’re a full-blown automation and electrical distributor. We service all industrial sites. I’ve made lots of friends there throughout the years.”

In this exclusive interview with The Newton Community Magazine, Brown reflects on the Covington in which he grew up, discusses his favorite eateries around town and looks ahead to a potential trip of a lifetime on two wheels:

How has Newton County changed since you were a kid and how would you describe it to someone who did not live here back then?
A lot has changed. Many of the roads were dirt back then, and there were no places to eat. I miss the small town when it was less crowded and everybody knew you.

Once you were of age and out on your own, what made you decide to settle here? 
My job and my family, which has a strong bond within Newton County and Covington. My dad’s family has been here for a lifetime. They were all are born and raised in Covington—multiple generations. 

What are your favorite restaurants in Newton County and why?
I like the oysters and shrimp at City Pharmacy, Flo’s Filet at LongHorn and the pizza and wings at Amici.

“I miss the small town when it was less crowded and everybody knew you.”

Mike Brown

How long have you owned your Harley?
I got it eight years ago. It’s the second one I’ve had. It has about 10,000 miles on it. I’ve driven it to Panama City Beach [in Florida]. That’s the farthest I’ve gone on it. I don’t think about anything when I’m riding. Nothing. There are no worries. Riding is peaceful.

Do you have a dream trip you would like to take on it?
Sturgis, South Dakota. I’m planning to make that trip in the next five years. The adrenaline rush from the views you get in between here and there are enough to make me want to go. 

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