From Forgotten to Famous

Back during the days when toilet paper was known as the “newspaper,” the typewriter sat in a retail store for a long, long time until finally, one man came across the machine and decided he wanted it. This man owned the general store many people frequented when they wanted nails, planks and other essentials. 

 His plan was to resell it in his general store, but no one seemed to have a need for a fancy typewriter in the small town. The store owner used it a few times to write letters to his family, but it was too much trouble, so he decided to stick with regular old pen and paper. He put the typewriter back in the store on a top shelf where it was hard to see, and it was eventually forgotten about.

As the years passed, the typewriter witnessed a lot of changes. From its spot on the top shelf in the general store, the typewriter watched as people started using cars and planes, radios and TVs and eventually computers, cell phones and the Internet. Just when it seemed there was no way anyone would ever find a use for an old typewriter, someone picked it up, dusted it off and took its picture for the cover of a magazine.

by Wyatt and Meredith Tredeau

We would like to thank Sally Budd, Antiques & Stuff and Remi McRae’s Floral Design for their contributions to the 2024 spring cover of The NEWTON Community Magazine.

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