Slow Down, Take the Scenic Route

Life goes by so fast, except for the young. During those innocent years, we could not wait until we were old enough to go to school, old enough to date, old enough to get our driver’s license, old enough to graduate and on and on. We moved from one milestone to the next with scarcely a thought as to how we got there. After all, who has time for such contemplation when you are in the middle of a race to grow up? 

Then one morning it happens. You wake up and realize you are not a kid anymore. In fact, you have kids of your own, along with a spouse, a dog, a mortgage and graying temples. You realize this is your life—today—a tough but good epiphany. There are more opportunities ahead and other destinations to reach, but there is no longer a mad rush to get there. 

 If life is a road trip, maybe the time has come to exit the freeway and take the scenic route. Learn to enjoy the journey while you are still on it. Maybe, for a few glorious moments, forget about where you are going. Just slow down and take in the view. If you are, indeed, blessed to have a family, by all means take them along for the ride, and when your child asks “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” for the hundredth time from the backseat, you can answer, “Yes, son, we are. I do believe we are.” 

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