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Mike Denney brought his vision for Piedmont Steel to life in 2007 and now employs more than 150 workers. Having experienced the good, the bad and the ugly associated with his industry, he strives to create a family atmosphere for colleagues and customers.

by Michelle Floyd

Mike Denney views his business as a family endeavor, a sentiment he would not trade for anything. As president of Piedmont Steel in Covington, Denney founded the company in September 2007 after nearly 30 years in the industry.

“I swapped my Harley for a work truck,” he said.

Today, he works alongside his wife Tammy, two sons-in-law, an uncle and several cousins, all of whom contribute to his expanding business.

“It’s a great family business,” said Denney, who resides in Oxford. He started Piedmont Steel to spend more time with his family, attend church more frequently and enjoy hunting. However, his family’s involvement only goes so far. Starting with just a few employees, Denney’s workforce now exceeds 150. He has recruited former colleagues and aims to hire locally whenever possible. 

“It’s easy to stay at the same place and be happy if the company is successful and growing.”

Jerry Crouch Jr.

“I try to promote from within. If someone works hard and contributes to the team, we’ll reward them,” said Denney, who relocated his operations to Industrial Boulevard in Covington from Old Atlanta Highway in January 2024. By doubling his property to 10 acres and quadrupling his facility’s size, Denney ensures that he is “always hiring.” Senior Project Manager Jerry Couch Jr. notes that Denney has driven the team towards sustained success. “I like the team we’ve assembled. Many have been with us for years,” said Couch, who has known Denney for nearly three decades and joined Piedmont Steel in 2010. “It’s easy to stay and be happy when the company is successful and growing.”

The company fabricates, ships and erects structural steel buildings nationwide. While it has worked on projects in the industrial park on Iris Drive in Conyers, warehouses in Lochridge Industrial Park in Covington and expanded C.R. Bard’s facilities in the industrial park, the majority of Piedmont Steel’s projects are shipped outside the local area.

“We’ve grown to a good size. I’ve got a really good facility,” said Denney, recalling the 70-hour weeks at the start. The company assists in building design, purchases raw materials, fabricates components and then bolts, welds and assembles pieces in their local factory before shipping them out. A crew then goes on-site to complete the final assembly. “We make every piece,” Denney said. “We’ve invested significantly in state-of-the-art equipment to elevate us to the top tier of the industry.” 

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Piedmont Steel’s buildings are found in Atlanta, Savannah, and as far afield as North Carolina, Maryland, Texas and South Dakota. “It’s grown massively in such a short time,” Denney remarked. “When you have a vision, you must keep moving forward.” Denney appreciates the opportunity to give back to the community through his business’ growth, frequently donating to Solid Rock Church, local politicians, CURE Childhood Cancer and St. Jude. Looking ahead, he aims to increase engagement with local schools and the community.

“Tammy and I firmly believe in giving back. The more God blesses us, the more we see it as an opportunity to give,” Denney said. “I try to help out as much as I can. We’re here, and we want to be involved in our community and beyond.” 

For information on Piedmont Steel, visit or call 770-786-4928. 

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