Frio Rolled Ice Cream

Alicia and Warren Sanders turned a TikTok trend into a thriving business that offers members of the community a new, delectable way to tame their sweet tooth.

by Michelle Floyd

Never ask Alicia Sanders for a scoop of ice cream. That is not how she rolls. The Covington resident runs a specialized ice cream shop—something many may have never seen before.

“During the pandemic, I kept seeing videos on TikTok of these rolled ice creams,” said Sanders, who also works as a real estate agent. “I’d never seen it, and I couldn’t find it nearby.”

The possibilities seemed endless, and the intrigue grew exponentially over time. Sanders worked countless hours to turn her burgeoning hobby into a vision and eventual business.

“My love for ice cream came from my mom, Catherine,” said Sanders, who moved to Covington in 2016. “We always had ice cream—almost daily—in our home.” 

“Once people find out we are here, they keep coming back.”

Alicia Sanders

After some extensive research and trial-and-error practice, she and her husband, Warren, opened a spot in Covington they hoped would become be a unique visit for many.

“It’s more than ice cream; it’s an experience,” Sanders said. “People like it because it’s made right in front of you, and kids like it because they can be creative.” 

Frio Rolled Ice Cream operates on Carlin Drive, near the Covington Bypass Road and Ga. 36. In addition to rolled ice creams, the store sells milkshakes, smoothies and coffees. Frio also is available for parties and private events, and Sanders often frequents area festivals with a mobile unit.

“Once people find out we are here, they keep coming back,” Sanders said. “It’s really addictive.”

The concept originated in Thailand. Frio Rolled Ice Cream uses a specialized machine topped with a cold plate that is set at negative 20 degrees. A base liquid is used to create rolled ice cream. Customers can choose one mix-in, like brownies or a variety of cereals, then three toppings, like candy pieces and syrups.

“We have over 40 flavors,” said Sanders, a mother of three children: Zaryah, Brittan and Duke Lee Jr. “You can make anything you want, then we roll it up.”

Frio has signature mixes like peach passion—a vanilla base with peaches, waffle cone, gold sprinkles, caramel drizzle and whipped cream—as well as creations named after the family: Great Brittan and The Duke. However, Sanders revealed their most popular item is the Maw Maw Nana Pudding—a vanilla base with banana, vanilla wafer, caramel drizzle and whipped cream. The recipe comes from her husband Warren’s grandmother—they call her “Maw Maw”—from Little Rock, Arkansas. 

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“She makes an amazing banana pudding,” Sanders said.

Customers can create their own Frio roll or choose from other signature items.

“I love the taste. I’m just so tickled we have something like this here,” said Oxford resident Angela Ballard, who frequents Frio weekly, often bringing new friends and family to visit each time. “It’s thin, and you don’t have to eat a big scoop; and [with] the atmosphere and how welcoming it is, we love it.” 

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