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Some of us have experienced our loving little ones being fascinated with their bathtub items floating during bath time. What happens when these little experimenters don’t have water in the tub and the only water available is in, you guessed it… the Toilet! Our little Indiana Jones discovers the Handle of the Long-Lost Whirlpool and decides to see if Ducky and his friends can survive the flush. Deep Sea Diver Joe goes down on the first flush and our little one is ecstatic, so all the rest of Ducky’s friends and accessories follow. After the joy wears off, Indiana ‘Little One’ Jones goes back to his room as if nothing has happened. Unbeknownst to you of the adventures that have occurred upstairs, you use the restroom downstairsand upon your flush, the water and waste are coming right back to you and flood the room and the smell is horrendous! You then hear a rumble in your pipes and hear hints of water splashing on the floor in the hallway bathroom upstairs. You now have gone from a simple plunger fix to a DEFCON 1 Plumbing fiasco! 

You immediately rush to find a plumber on Google. You click on a listing that appears intriguing and could perhaps help your drowning situation. You then learn that their website has expired, their Facebook and other social media pages have been a desolate ghost town for the past six months, and with the smellbecoming worse by the minute, you’re left wondering if this place still exists….NEXT!

This plumbing company, and so many others, could’ve had your business. You found them – they were the needle in the haystack! But their lack of even the slightest modern marketing techniques ultimately cost them a new client.

Why aren’t more businesses advertising online effectively? Look, we get it. Being that the average salary for someone in the role is between $70,000 to $85,000 annually, it’s rarely advantageous for a business to hire a full-time marketing specialist.

So, what if you could get the knowledge and experience of ten-experts for less than the annual salary of this one person? Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

SCB’s ten experts have been trained to the highest standard in the modern marketing industry. Our decades of combined marketing experience have allowed us to witness firsthand the progression and transformation of the online marketing space. 

We understand that, as a business owner, overhead is everything! The skillset our experts provide allows for a one-stop-shop for all of your content creation and marketing needs when it comes to your business. We do it all: video production, photography, social media management, media buys, website development, graphic design, and digital marketing. Our strategic plan for your business’s online success shows that content and distribution thereof are equally important when it comes to the growth of your business, as well as that maintaining relevant content is the key to keeping and attracting target high-grossing customers. 

As a small business ourselves, we are able to relate to your business’ needs in a unique way. Our strategies are molded around both your unique business’ goals and the latest online trends, converting multiple forms of specifically crafted content around your brand. 

SCB is more than just a team – we are ten experts to refresh your business, so it won’t be NEXT’d.

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