A Uniting Force

The mercy and love we were shown when Jesus went to the cross and shed his blood for our sins supersede all boundaries. They can bring together people from all walks, change lives, alter futures and build communities in which everyone thrives.

by Justin Adams

Stop what you’re doing and take a few minutes to answer these questions. What if someone was nice to you, encouraged you or believed in you? Would that have changed your day, your career, your life?

Oftentimes, one moment of kindness, one encouraging word or one person believing in you can alter your future. We have an incredible power to motivate and inspire, a prodigious potential to build a community in which everyone thrives. How do we do it? How do we alter the courses of those around us? The answer is simple: grace. It changes lives. Showing forgiveness is grace. Providing motivation is grace. Believing in someone is grace.

Grace is more than just a religious term used by Christians. Grace is decent humanity caring for its neighbors. Decent humanity has been hidden for too long. Division, anger and isolation have overshadowed decent humanity and grace. I believe it’s time for grace to make a comeback. I believe it’s time for grace to be at the forefront of this community’s need to come together. Stop focusing on things we do not agree on, things like political differences and cultural separations. Instead, allow grace to unite us. 

“Stop focusing on things we do not agree on, things like political differences and cultural separations. Instead, allow grace to unite us.”

New Life Praise Center Pastor Justin Adams

We all agree on kindness, goodness and politeness. These are all subcategories of grace. When you show kindness, goodness or politeness, you are giving grace. 

I’m a product and a direct result of grace. Someone was graceful towards me, which allowed me to become who I am today. A local church and local pastor simply invited me to worship services and changed my life. The moment I realized Jesus Christ loved me so much that He died on the cross for my sins was the moment I experienced grace in its ultimate form. Who I am today is a direct result of the life-changing encounter I had with grace through Jesus Christ. Since then, one of my greatest goals has been to show others the same grace that was shown to me.

I challenge you to show grace. Our community needs more of it. Our neighbors need to see it. Our children need to experience it. Lives can be changed by it. Help someone become a product of grace. 

Justin Adams is the pastor of New Life Praise Center in Covington. Visit NewLifePraiseCenter.net or call 770-815-3601 to learn more.

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