On the Cover

The Debt of Gratitude

We are not the same. Like snowflakes, no two of us are alike, yet we touch and are touched by thousands of others on life’s journey. In spite of our

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Did You Know

The Best Time to Plant Trees

Those thinking of planting a new or replacement tree or shrub—done in the fall and winter months for the best chances of survival—should consider taking these five steps before replanting: 

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Always a Coach on the Field

Jay Cawthon quarterbacked Newton High School to the state quarterfinals and continued his playing career at the University of West Georgia before exchanging his helmet for a headset. After nearly

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What's Cooking

Lemon-Pepper Green Beans

Grocery stores and gardens are chock full of summer fruits and vegetables in their prime: sweet corn, tomatoes, berries, beans and more. If you like green beans, you’ll love this

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Did You Know

Then and Now: Mansfield Georgia

by Meredith Tredeau Two photographs taken from the same viewpoint at two different times in history: Railroad crossing in Mansfield, c. early 1920s (first) Downtown Mansfield, 2022 (second). Mansfield has

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Arts, Education & Innovation

Art Speaks: Outside the Medium

Art reaches almost every aspect of our lives, every day. Many artists are known for the paintings or sculptures in our homes or in the local art galleries. However, these

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Health & Wellness

Hot Seat

Former University of Georgia running back Kregg Lumpkin traded in his helmet for a hose in what some considered a surprising career switch. The married father of four now spends

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Grace & Truth

Hold the Door, Can You?

Jesus modeled an attitude of servanthood for His followers and set a standard we often fail to meet. A servant’s heart requires a willingness to put the needs of others

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